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Marketing Communications That Sell

The world is full of pretty pictures, clever jokes and marketing people who love them. Unfortunately, unless you need artwork for your office, they won't be much use to your business.

I'm Sara Brown and I develop marketing strategies that do more than just make you feel good. They sell. And I can prove it.

No matter your budget, I will work with you to ensure a quantifiable return for your marketing spend. How can I be so sure? I've done it before for organizations big and small, public, private and not-for-profit. I've been delivering marketing communications that sell for more than ten years.

What People Are Saying

"Sara is a true professional, very energetic, driven and overall a pleasure to work with. Sara also has a good strategic mind set and understands how to reach a tech savvy audience as well as investors, analysts, partners and customers with the correct messages. Her accomplishments have been recognized by customers, partners and others as outstanding."

Stefan Lindvall,
President, Strategy Savvy

"Working with Sara was always a wonderful experience. She took time on the front-end to ask important questions and probe for pertinent answers. She was extremely professional and yet was the most fun to work with of anybody. Best of could count on Sara. Take it to the bank. When the chips were down, she would come through with spot-on copy."

Fuller Sasser,
Director, Ogilvy & Mather

"Sara's knowledge of marketing and branding has been extremely valuable to Wavecom. Her ability to successfully plan and execute Wavecom's presence at industry events is extraordinary. She ensures lead follow up that result in sales for the company. Sara would be an asset to any marketing organization."

Scott Deyoe,
Field Application Engineer, Wavecom

"She can take extremely complicated techspeak or marketingspeak and translate it in a refreshing and persuasive way with the right brand tone and attitude. She's one of the few people I've seen ever receive a standing ovation from the client at a creative presentation."

David Rockenbaugh,
Executive Creative Director,
RoundBox Health